The J.A.M. Story

Jesus And Me Inspirational is a ministry designed to help hurting people grasp God’s great love for them and to inspire them to face their challenges, heal and then persevere to achieve their God given purpose in life.

Through God inspired speaking, books, videos and other media, J.A.M.’s purpose is to help heal and restore hurting men, women, teens and children.

“If the ‘God Spot’ inside of us isn’t filled with a full realization of God’s love for us, we’ll try to fill it up with alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling,” said Ms. McFarquhar, founder and president. “The problem is: you will still feel empty. Only God’s love can fill that God spot in your life.

“The love of God has always been a big thing for me. In fact, `Love, Love and More Love’ is J.A.M. motto,” said Ms. McFarquhar. “With J.A.M. we help people completely experience what I call the ‘three loves’ – truly knowing God’s enormous love for us, loving ourselves and then loving others. One love builds on the other. Lovc is the universal language and an action word.”

Another primary goal for J.A.M. is to inspire and motivate people to reach their ultimate goals and fulfill their destiny. “The Holy Spirit provides the inspiration and I am the mouthpiece to motivate, liberate, agitate and stimulate people to a better life – the abundant life God created them to have.”

Ms. McFarquhar speaks to church groups, youth organizations, schools, conferences. J.A.M. messages are also available on CDs, podcasts and inspirational books.

Ms. McFarquhar’s inspirational speaking titles include:
•?This Race Called Life: Winning the Battlefield of the Mind
•?The Woman In The Mirror
•?Embracing Change with Joy
•“Gangsta” For Life
•?Guard Your Heart

More Than The Name of A Ministry

Jesus And Me Inspirational, (J.A.M.), is more than just the name of a ministry. Ms. McFarquhar said “Jesus And Me” was a firm conviction she had to cling to, growing up in hunger, poverty, violence and abuse in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica.

When her father and mother moved to the United States and Canada to make a better life for her and her two siblings, they were left with a paid caretaker. She and her brother experienced nearly 10 years of hardship because the monthly stipend her parents thought would be used to support and feed five people had to be stretched to feed 12. Many nights she and her little brother went to bed hungry and had to attend school without proper clothes.

“As a child I felt so helpless and lonely,” Jackie said. “I stayed with my guardian from the time I was 4 until I was almost 13 and my father sent for me and my brother.

“I longed to call someone Mom,” Jackie explained. “I was always fighting – fighting to protect myself, fighting to protect my brother, fighting to protect my friends. . To survive, I did things I’m not proud of now. Miss Patricia (not her real name) did the best she could, but with so many family members to support, I had to do without.”

The bright spot of those nine years without her parents was that Miss Patricia insisted they go to church every Sunday. Whether they had to walk and no matter what kind of clothes they had to wear, they attended church. It became her lifeline.

“When I got older and began to understand the Word we were hearing at church, I always remember hearing what it says in Psalm 27:10, `When my mother and my father forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.’ Then I knew — it was the Lord who had been carrying me all the way, through everything.”

God first spoke to her about J.A.M. in 1998, when she saw those letters in a dream. Over the years, little by little God revealed to her what J.A.M. represented – Jesus And Me — and how He wants to use the ministry to encourage, restore and build individuals into the people they are meant to be.

It is a ministry of exhortation – to lift people higher; giving them encouragement to persevere; and to empower them through truly embracing God the Father’s love for each of us.

“I can say from experience, I went through a hard time growing up – in Jamaica and later in the United States, but I made it holding onto my faith in God,” Jackie said. “Yes, I made mistakes as an adult, but God continued to love me through it – so much so I turned away from a sinful lifestyle to a life that honors my `Daddy’ God. So many people need to know that. And if I can do it, they can too!”

What People Are Saying About J.A.M.

Those who hear Jackie say she is a bold, direct speaker. It’s refreshing to have a speaker get to the point and cut through excuses to encourage people to come up higher and do better and achieve more with the lives God has given them.

“Jackie McFarquhar’s message was captivating, personal and spiritually relevant,” said Evangelist Kellie Hawkins-Hyde, founder and president of Virtuous Women Ministry at Zion Baptist Church in Cincinnati. “In her message `Battlefield of the Mind,’ she gave her testimony and gave us practical teaching all of us could use for victory in our lives.”

Lamonica Sherman, site coordinator for St. Vincent DePaul’s Winton Hills site and facilitator for the Sister Circle, said Jackie’s message on “The Woman In the Mirror: Embracing Change” was a fit word in due season. “The women were obviously blessed and inspired by her teaching. We look forward to having her come back soon to speak to our group again.”

Jackie sums up her ministry in this way: “Many times, if we’re hurting, battered or abused, we feel everyone is against us. I want them to know they are not out there by themselves,” she concluded. “That ministry song ‘The Jesus In Me Loves the Jesus In You” really says it. We let people know they are not alone and that Jesus loves them.”

J.A.M. Inspirational provides ministry to hurting individuals through inspirational speaking, books, CDs, podcasts and other online resources. To arrange for Jacqueline McFarquhar to speak to your church group, women’s conference, or other event, contact her at (513) 304-7708 or log onto .

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